It’s Christmas-Time!

Well, December’s coming soon, jingle-bells are ringing and we’re all waiting for the snow to gently cover this year’s sins. If you are planning to go on holidays this winter & like to slope down mountains with your freaky Snowboard, then probably this article from „SPIEGEL online“ is of interest for you:

Sprünge, Spins und Superpipes
Von den spektakulärsten Rails zu den höchsten Kickern: SPIEGEL ONLINE stellt mit Profi-Fahrer Xaver Hoffmann die schönsten Snowboard-Gebiete Europas vor – und übersetzt die Geheimsprache der Freestyler und Halfpipe-Akrobaten…

EDIT: By the way – they completely forgot to mention that there are about 8 (!!) snow-parks with dozens of slopes within a 1-hour-distance from Davos. They only mention Flims-Laax which is one of them.

And if you’re still looking for presents to give away for christmas (or to keep for your own 😉 , the new commercials from Apple might help you. You can find them here


Though I’m using a Mac myself, please don’t do it like the PC in that video and try to make me happy with a book on „CC+ programming“. Thanks.

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