Those good ‚ole Canon FD´s

If you are, like me, still a fan of analog film in photography, you have a very good chance to buy extremly high-quality cameras and lenses at very low prices. Try your local reseller or eBay. In addition to my Canon EOS equipment, which I use for most of my professional work, last summer I was offered a Canon New F1 in very good condition for a very reasonable price.
That was my starting point for a great set of Canon FD equipment I bought in the meantime. I actually decided to only look for the best parts from that manufactorer and finally now have stuff like the 2.8/20mm, the 3.5/35-105mm, a 4.5/85-300mm, accompanied by a 1.8/50mm lens, the 2XA-Extender, a 199A speedlite and – of course – the New F1 with AE-Hood, several focussing screens and the Motor Drive FN.

Canon New F1

Personally, I think this camera is a great deal & you’ll get very robust & sharp lenses. The only thing is, you’ll have to manually focus your scene. I came along this thoughts while writing my post about „New pictures from Rome“ and adding details about the tech-specs at the bottom line. Not only these photographs were taken with my 1981-built F1, but also the ones from Teneriffe and a couple of those from Switzerland.
During my process of buying this equipment, the information and details provided on the „Canon FD Page“ helped me a lot. Thanks to those guys over at!

Oh – and not to forget: Thanks also to Dennis, a friend of mine who brought some of this cool things over from the U.S., where I found the lenses cheaper and in better state.

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  1. Ah yes – the benefits of the world going Digital! I sort of did the same thing. A few years ago I was able to get a Minolta X-500 cheaply (and when I say cheaply I mean €80 for the camera and 50mm, 135mm, 28mm primes and a 70-200 zoom. Oh and a flash as well). I now bought a better zoom lens (£15)and a teleconverter/extender set (£4). The world of photography has suddenly gotten very cheap.
    The only drawback is that film is not as readily available as it used to be. There are good deals to be had online though!

    I do have a digital camera (20D) and I love it, but there is just something about film cameras that I can’t let go! And seeing a photo appear on a blank sheet of paper in the developer will always be a most amazing moment.

    :o) Krista

  2. Krista – you’re right! Choices will get less concerning film-material, professional labs, resellers etc. but I also think like „the best will survive“: we’ll always find a small but exclusive set of films/labs. And that’s OK for me.
    If you ask me to decide between working in a darkroom with those chemicals and red lights or using my Mac and a bright, calibrated screen, I’d always choose the latter 😉


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