Joblog: AO Davos Courses


Tonight, the 84th AO Davos Course is closing with a banquet dinner in the convention center. Like every year, surgeons from all over the world met in Davos to exchange knowledge and learn new techniques. After the second week about 2´000 participants will have drilled screws and titanium alloy plates into plastic bones.
As it´s almost 4 years now since I´ve started to work for AO Foundation, it´s also the fourth year in a row that I take pictures during the courses, like the one above. They are being projected in the congress center instantly, the participants can email a couple of them from the AO Courses website and a lot of them are used for broschures, posters, the AO Foundation´s website and info material during the following year. The „Davos fortnight“ always means 12- to 14-hour-days with almost no daylight inside the convention center, a lot of junk food, too much coffee and total exhaustion 😉
You can watch more pictures I shot for the AO on my homepage in the „healthcare“ menu. After two days of recreation with only a couple of group-pictures and faculty-dinners to photograph, the next course will start on sunday. I´m really looking forward to christmas this year once again…

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