Finally: Apple presents iPhone

The Apple iPhone has been a rumour for the last years. I remember the well-known newssites announcing it over and over again when the time for „Macworld“ expositions came closer. Today, finally, Apple´s CEO Steve Jobs officially unveiled the „iPhone„!

Apple iPhone

It is 3 gadgets melt into one: A mobile phone, a widescreen video-iPod and a internet-capable communicator. The iPhone works in GSM (Quadband-Mode) and Edge networks as well as with WLAN (or Airport). It also sports Bluetooth 2.0. When used as a phone, battery-life will extend 5 hours of use, while being used as a iPod, the battery will last for 16 hours. The candy-bar-housing is 11.6mm thick (or let´s say: thin!) and sports a 2 megapixel-camera on the back. The front is covered by a 3,5″ widescreen which also functions as a touchscreen. It has an incredible resolution of 160dpi! There is only one button on the phone´s front. The whole iPhone is being operated with gestures on the touchscreen which is sensitive for simultanious use of one or more fingers.

The iPhone runs a special version of Mac OSX and the main applications. Mail, Adressbook, Safari, iTunes, Google Maps and iCal are pre-installed but you can run almost every other desktop application on the phone. Music, mails, dates, tasks, contacts: you can sync them all with your desktop-computer. The iPhone comes in 2 models with 4GB of storage (499,-$) and 8GB (599,-$) and will ship in June 2007. Partner for the U.S. will be Cingular Wireless. The iPhone is expected to arrive in Europe in the last quarter of the year and will be available in Asia in 2008. Apple stocks won about 8% after the announcement.

There are a lot more pictures on, the first german articles I could spot are on, and SPIEGEL online, but there soon will be more news on your favourite internetpage… Thanks to and who kept me sitting in front of my computer the last 2 hours biting my nails off 😉

Apple iPhone

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  1. How much do you think they will cost i hope i can get a cheap iphone but something tells me that there goner cost a fair bit of money.

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