Automatic Image Optimization: Part 1, Sunlight


This photo from Ljubljana, Slovenia was chosen to represent the average outdoor scenery with sunlight during the daytime. I shot this late spring 2006 and manually optimized colors, contrast, shadows and highlights. The result is shown above.
This file originally was saved in „Adobe-RGB“ colors, but when I mistakenly used the Windows Explorer to rotate the picture, the color profile got ripped out without warning or notice. Then the file was optimized with all those applications I introduced you to in my last post. They had no chance to recognize the file was in Adobe-RGB. That might have influenzed the results, though I didn’t know at that point.

The results‘ quality is quite good and close to each other. Only two pictures look significantly different from the rest. Overall impression of the DxO result is the best.
Nice color, good contrast, enough details in the shadows. Xe847 produces nice colors, but it looks like the contrast is a bit too high. FixFoto is very close to DxO but has slightly too much red in it. Though the colors of Image Editor’s file look artificial and over-boosted, the result is acceptable for it’s contrast and tonality. PhotoPerfect saves an image with balanced colors, but lightness was increased way too much, so the colors look pale. Probably this was caused by the missing color profile. PhotoPerfect always saves in sRGB and I’m not sure if it actually converts the data or just interprets it to be in sRGB. The worst result came from Intellihance Pro. It is dark, with high contrast and explicit red tint, nothing I would give to my customer. Now let me present the results in the order I defined, from best to worst.

DxO Optics Pro:






Image Editor:

Image Editor



Intellihance Pro:

Intellihance Pro

Please be assured that I judged the photos using Photoshop and a calibrated high-end TFT-monitor for correct display. Maybe the images look different on your screen depending on your hardware, lighting and personal favor. The hitlist after this first practical test is as follows (I gave 6 points to the best, 5 to the second etc):

  1. Image Editor: 6
  2. FixFoto: 7
  3. PhotoPerfect: 4
  4. Intellihance Pro: 3
  5. Xe847 ProPlus Plug-in: 6
  6. DxO Optics Pro: 9

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