Music every Photographer should hear


Inspired by the post about „Movies every photographer should see“ I remembered that my brother Moe once spoiled me with a special CD. The tracklist exclusively contained songs with the word „photo“ in it´s title. That was kind of silly, but it was an interesting idea. Among the music I found well known songs like Depeche Mode´s „Photographic“ from the 1981 album „Speak & Spell“. I got to know the band „Weezer“. The best song on that CD was „Foto Viva“ by Mo´Horizons, a marvelous band from Hannover with electronic, jazz and bossanova tunes. I bought all their albums in the meantime 😉
Above you can see a current search result from iTunes. Try this on your own, it´s fun!

Unfortunately I couldn´t find Mo´Horizons, but this is Weezer on YouTube:

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