Automatic Image Optimization: Part 4, Studio

Studio shot

Off we go for the next round! This time I chose a studio shot of a small translucent plastic nub. Basic work, I thought. But only one contestant matched my manually adjusted artwork, the others fell poor. Intellihance Pro didn’t really attract my attention so far, I was almost a bit disappointed as I saw the Windows-applications outrun my beloved Mac-software. With this motive, Intellihance produced the best output by far. The colors are quite close to my own result, though the yellow lacks a bit shininess. Luminance and contrast are perfect.

All other results seem unfruitful in comparison. As Lightness and Gradation are fine, I judge Image Editor as second place. But the colors – again – look artificial, too much cyan in this case. 3. place for FixFoto with accurate colors and contrast. It’s just slightly too dark. Lighter and with less contrast, we find the Xe847 outcome next. Colors look weired, somehow tinted brown. DxO delievers a file with too low contrast and brightness. It just looks drained out or washed-out. Once again – and I think we can rely on that by now – PhotoPerfect disappoints with the worst result. Red color cast, high contrast and a lightness way beyond believe. Watch the results in their natural order:

Intellihance Pro:

Intellihance Pro

Image Editor:

Image Editor









This is the current result of my contest:

  1. Image Editor: 21
  2. FixFoto: 17
  3. PhotoPerfect: 7
  4. Intellihance Pro: 15
  5. Xe847 ProPlus Plug-in: 17
  6. DxO Optics Pro: 21

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To be continued soon…

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