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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom seems to be readying for release. After months of public beta-testing on Mac and Win, you can now pre-order the software in version 1.0 on the official product page. Lightroom is a direct antagonist to Apple’s Aperture. Both applications are designed to help the professional photographer view, sort, archive and present their digital photos. They concentrate on RAW-files, but accept other common formats as .jpg and .tif as well. Adjusting photos is absolute non-destructive in both apps. I only skimmed through these opponents, but from what I saw, Aperture seemed to need a little less clicking through modules. A real drawback of Lightroom is the fact that it saves all additional IPTC information in a XMP sidecar-file. So if you use the software as your archive-database and want to store information like caption, location, etc Lightroom uses an external file for this. If you give your photo to an agency you’ll have to remember to attach this file. It’s a proprietary Adobe way, as Aperture saves this info right into the .tif or .jpg like all other applications do.
You can still download the latest Beta of Lightroom from the Adobe Labs page (it’s valid until end of February) or pre-order version 1.0 at a reduced rate. A demo version should be available next week and it’s said that a localized german version will follow soon.
I also found a short essay on the „five golden rules“ on dpmac. They also sell a ebook about Lightroom. Finally there are some online (video-)tutorials, if you like to learn more.Video2brain has them in german, and NAPP is your destination if you prefer english.

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