Total eclipse of the moon, or: Why the Twin-Towers reappeared in 2007


Last night, many of you had the chance to watch a total eclipse of the moon. Wherever the skies were clear, a bright, orange-red full moon showed up around midnight, as seen in Lausanne, Switzerland (picture above, taken from SPIEGEL online).
What I found even more fascinating than watching our pale companion, was the fact that the World Trade Center seems to have been reappeared lately.

When I read the article on SPIEGEL online this morning and skipped through their slideshow, I stumbled across a picture provided by Reuters showing the orange-colored full moon over some twin-towers bearing a striking resemblance to the „World Trade Center“ that is widely known to have been destroyed in a terrorist´s attack on 9/11, 2001. The byline just says „a red moon over Manhattan“, but the slideshow is dated „March 4, 2007“. Funny, it would have been so easy to just drop a note saying this is an older photography to gain a little bit of reliability and confidence. But so we have to remain saying: „Don´t believe it just because it´s in the news“

eclipse over manhattan

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  1. Oooops a little blunder…

  2. …you´re right, a little blunder by an editor suffering from a total eclipse of the brain. Didn´t mean to call it more… 😉

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