Adobe Creative Suite CS3 release rumours

I post this in return to some search results I found in my blog´s stats. Seems like some crazy Photoshop-guys urging for the release date of Adobe´s Creative Suite CS3 that will finally run natively on the new Intel-based Macs. Besides the fact that those dissappointing benchmarks of Photoshop CS3 Beta (said to be much slower on MacPro than on Windows) are caused by Safari eating up the processors power (Apple is working on this), we all are looking forward to what the new Suite brings. It is relatively sure that Illustrator will take a huge step forward (it hasn´t been updated that much in CS2 and still lacks stability) and Golive will be replaced by Dreamweaver. Macworld UK claims to know that Adobe CS3 will be released on March 27, 2007. I don´t know how reliable this (or their) source is, but we´ll see. In the meantime you might want to watch Adobes teaser or play around with the latest Beta 2 of Photoshop CS3.

UPDATE: Latest rumours say March 27 to be the date of announcement, availability however will be due late April.
UPDATE2: reports about an extended version of Photoshop CS3 featuring 3D abilities.

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