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Spring is always the time for looking back on the prosperities of the past year. Though it´s an uncertain success for the immigrant stranded on the shores of Europe (shown above), it is true for movies, as well as for photos, stories, ads and commercials. There are certain prizes offered to the advertising industry to honor the best visuals, like the „World Press Photo Award“ (Here, here and here). The german publisher Econ just released the latest issue of their yearly almanac „Jahrbuch der Werbung“ which is a benchmark in advertising since the 1960s. The over-all winner is a Berlin-based agency called „Heimat“ with their campaign for the german hardware store „Hornbach„.


The slogan reads like „It´s within you – just let it out!„. You can reach the full story and a slideshow on Sü (in german). Another reputable contest is the yearly Lead Awards by the Lead Academy. Though it´s a local german thing, they have quite fascinating results that might attract photographers and graphic-design pros.
The opening picture of this post by Juan Medina was rated „Best photography of the year“. It was published in the weekly magazine „Stern„. Check out all the winners on their homepage to get an impression of the latest trends.
My personal favourite of last year´s ads is the „Crashtest“-movie by Renault, which shifted car-commercials into a new dimension. Not one single car is shown actually, but without any doubt we all know what they mean. I found it on for your pleasure:

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