Famous Swiss Photographers

rene burri
©Rene Burri

Yesterday I received the latest issue of „Photographie„, a swiss-german magazine on – well, you guessed: photography. In there I found 2 articles related to swiss photographers and so I started to ask myself if there are any famous swiss photographers worth mentioning in my blog. Well, definitely yes: There is Rene Burri, whom I once met at the Photokina exhibition in Cologne some 8 or 10 years ago. We only talked a few words, but I was really impressed by his person and his work. You will know his famous shot of Che Guevara shown above.
Another well-known „collegue“ from Switzerland is Werner Bischof, who worked in the field of reportage. Both Burri and Bischof cooperated with the outstanding agency „Magnum Photos„.

The photographers I found in my magazine may be slightly less famous, though I would really like to mention them here. One of them is Andri Pol, who just released a book with some quite bizarre pictures from his homeland. („Grüezi“, Kontrast Verlag, 352 Seiten, 300 Fotografien in Farbe, Softcover mit 7 unterschiedlichen Umschlägen, 29 cm x 20 cm, Gestaltung: Alberto Vieceli, Deutsche Ausgabe: ISBN 978-3-906729-28-2, CHF 48.– | € 28.–)

andri pol
©Andri Pol

The other guy spent his life working for the police. He established photography to document crimes and accidents back in the 1950s. After his retirement his son encouraged him to publish some of his work he originally intended for internal use only. We´re talking about Arnold Odermatt, who has just released his third book, called „Im Dienst“ (Steidl Verlag).

arnold odermatt
©Arnold Odermatt

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