Adobe to present Creative Suite 3

Adobe CS3

Today, Adobe will unveil the secrets of their latest professional software package, Creative Suite 3. You will be able to watch a live-webcast, which will start at 3:30 EST (which is 20:30 GMT). If you don’t want to be patient till then, you’ll find some videos already available on this site. There is also an extensive promotional page, from which you can read some of the key features of CS3:

    Indesign: Extended integration with the other CS3 products, more (non-destructive) creative controls, multi-file-place, better formatting of tables and cells, XHTML-export.
    Photoshop Extended: 3D features, animation controls, non-destructive smart filters, quick selection tool, refine-edges for easy selections
    Illustrator: Better color editing, faster tracing, a new paint bucket, enhancements in integration and typography

I’m sure we will read a lot more in the next days. The Adobe pages claim the following (language version) availability:

    – English language version is expected to ship by end of April 2007.
    – French language version is expected to ship in May 2007.
    – Spanish language version is expected to ship by July 2007.

Hey, and what about the german version?

EDIT: Der deutsche Adobe Online Store nennt eine Verfügbarkeit der deutschen Version im Mai 2007. Der Preis für die CS3 Design Premium Collection beträgt 2.616 €.
EDIT2: Inzwischen hat auch einen ausführlichen Artikel online.
EDIT3: Einen ersten Test zu Photoshop CS3 kann man bei finden

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