Automatic Image Optimization – Reloaded

Recently I read an article on automatic image enhancement in the german magazine „Macwelt“. It´s a review of Agfa´s „Intellitune“ software. They seem to be impressed by this application and rate it 1.5 (where 1 is best and 6 is worst). Now the good news about this damn piece of code is, Agfa is giving it away almost for free: The „starter edition“ is priced 4500€. At this extremely low rate, I´m sure you are willing to accept the fact that they limit the software to a maximum of 4000 pictures. If you´d like to optimize another 4000 pictures you´ll have to pay an additional 2500€ fee 😮 This brought me to the idea of having an automatic, batch-processing-capable image optimization tool for free. Lucky who has a copy of Photoshop installed. Now you can download my auto-enhancement action script which should run with PS CS2 (use rightclick/save target as…). It´s free & it should keep being free, so don´t try to re-sell it! Use it, change it, give it to friends, I don´t mind. It´s just a rough construct balancing the web-aware sRGB with printable whitepoint/blackpoint-compensations. You can use Photoshops batch-processor or scriptings or even make a droplet out of my action. And as always, if you have good advice to refine this action-based enhancer, please leave a comment.

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