Software round-up: Illustration & Photos


There have been various tidings in the Mac-related world of software the last few days. I’ve gathered some news & links (to german sites) for you:

  • Adobe will discontinue developing Freehand in favor of Illustrator (what a pity!)
  • The Mac-version of Canvas, once a good alternative to both Freehand and Illustrator, will be discontinued (I never used it)
  • A new version of LightZone is available. This application is meant as a substitute for Photoshop (it´s in „Ansel-Adams-Zone-Style“)
  • NewSoft’s Image Workshop is meant to be an alternative for Aperture or Lightroom, but it’s not. Keep away, as this 200MB monster will not even launch if you don’t have an Epson printer driver installed on your machine. That’s the reason I haven’t reviewed it after downloading & installing. Good to have uApp for cases like this 😉
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