Damn – just a bit too late: „Festival International de Mode & de Photographie“

Sometimes it´s really a pain in the ass – being late. I just stumbled across this gallery on ARD, a german television station. What a pity to find the Festival International de Mode & de Photographie in Hyeres to have closed down just yesterday!

The Festival is where creativity is exhibited. More importantly, however, it is also a unique opportunity for creatives to meet one another. And here in this very special house known as the Villa Noailles, making new friends is particularly delightful.

Well, I don´t want to pretend to have been driving down the whole way to southern France if I´d knew – but how pleasant this rings! Here´s the list of exhibiting photographers:

Jan Adriaans / Netherlands
Alexandra Catiere / Belarus
Popel Coumou / Netherlands
Louise Fago-Ruskin / United Kingdom
Janelle Lynch / USA
Christophe Maout / France
Jessica Roberts / USA
Benjamin Roi / France
Madoka Sakamoto / Japan
Rebecca Veit / USA

You see? Not a single one from Germany or Switzerland – they simply forgot to ask me! OK, then see you next year, probably…

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