Apple unravels Leopard´s secrets

apple leopard

At todays WWDC´s keynote, Apple-boss Steve Jobs unvealed the secret features of the upcoming Mac OSX 10.5 aka „Leopard“. Not all of this was surprising to us nerds who wildly clicked the rumor-sites the last days:

  • New desktop features „stacks“, transparent menu and dock. The whole GUI is said to be resolution-independent
  • New Finder features „Cover-Flow“-view, new sidebar, easier access to network-computers, „Back to my Mac“: remote access via .Mac
  • Core animation makes it easier for developers to build animated GUIs
  • Fully implemented 64-bit capability
  • „Quicklook“ shows all common types of files in the Finder without starting the appropriate program (i.e. pictures, movies, PDFs, Excel-sheets)
  • New version of Boot Camp with better support & easier installation (driver-CD needless) — but it´s not going to substitute VMWare or Parallels
  • Improved Spaces and Dashboard with extended WebClip features
  • iChat Theater: You can now present files via iChat
  • Time Machine capable of backing up to a remote drive over Airport

The „Leopard“ version of OSX will ship by October at 129,-$. This year´s one more thing is in fact a surprise pointed at Microsoft: As of today, there will be a Windows-version of Safari. The public beta is downloadable from Apple and is said to be twice as fast as MS Internet Explorer though running on a Windows-PC. The keynote ended with the promise of the iPhone being extendable with new third-party applications. These will benefit from AJAX, a browser-based coding-language already used by the famous Google Online-Apps. Thanks to, and for their newstickers.

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