Must have been a bad day for Wolff Olins…

logo london 2012 olympics

This is how life goes, sometimes: The London-based brand agency Wolff Olins must have been lucky once they sealed the contract for designing the London 2012 Olympic games‘ logo. But what they did was to present a 400.000£-cripple monster. A „modern“ sign for „everyone“, in their own words. Despite from that it really reminds me of all those broken bones I saw within the last 4 years (they have been treated with titanium plates and self-locking screws — a possible way to rescue that logo?? Probably not) the conflict hit rock bottom when the presentation video caused epileptic seizures at certain viewers. Now London’s mayor Ken Livingstone demands to not only change the design but also to cancel the payment. While a spontaneous online-petition to change the logo has been closed down in the meantime, even the official committee started a „make your own design“ competition to achieve some alternatives. Must have been a bad day for the designer…

Here are some further infos: BBC, NPR, Kurier (Österreich), Financial Times Deutschland, Welt (Deutschland), Das Auge (Deutschland).

And please: Contact your doctor immediatly if you feel somehow weired, confused or ill after reading this article!

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