Update to „The Missing Sync“ V6.0

missing sync

While still lacking an iPhone, I´m bound to use my old Palm device for making appointments and having my contacts at hand. Therefore I highly appreciate the further development of a program I´m using since years – The Missing Sync for Palm OS. It´s almost the only way to sync a Palm device with the Mac´s built-in PIM-apps iCal and Adressbook. Though still some features are missing (option „handheld overwrites desktop“ or support for those nice iCal banner-events spanning two or more days), it´s pacifying to see the guys at Mark/Space haven´t given up this old-fashioned handheld-OS yet. I have to admit that I´m really keen on getting my own iPhone in winter though, as up to now this seems to be the holy grail for Mac-users. Seems like from next year on, the Tungsten T3 will be downgraded to run TomTom only… Some new features are:

  • Call Log (newer Treos only)
  • SMS Log (newer Treos only)
  • Video conduit (download videos from Treo, encode Videos for Palm-playback)
  • Improved Notes sync (new Notebook application, sync with Yojimbo)

Version 6 ships for 39,95$, users of previous versions get a discount for upgrading.

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