Apple introduces new iMac lineup

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Just earlier this week, Apple Inc introduced a new generation of iMac computers. The 2 models come with 20″ or 24″ glossy screens and a new aluminum housing, 2.4 or 2.8GHz processors, faster video-cards, larger harddrives and the new iLife ´08 software collection. It´s not that I am getting paid by Apple to write this post, but after my G4-Mac is about 4 years old now, I´m feeling like updating the hardware soon. And comparing prices for a mid-range MacPro plus a new TFT to the new 24″ iMac, the latter seems more and more appealing to me.
In fact, after my new Canon 2.8/70-200 L IS USM arrived a few weeks ago, after having ordered a Canon EOS 5D plus BG-E4 some days ago, after just having confirmed the delivery of a new Epson V700 scanner I will probably delay that iMac-thing a couple of weeks until the first jobs are paid 😉 Here´s where you can find additional information about the new iMacs:
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Heise online
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2 Kommentare zu „Apple introduces new iMac lineup

  1. Hallo Till, ich bin bei der neuen iMac Reihe ebenfalls schwach geworden! Einfach riesig, der Kleine (Grosse). Werde damit meinen Mac Mini G4 in Rente schicken.

  2. Hi Dennis, ich habe heute meinen auch bestellt. Konnte nicht länger warten 😉 Es wird der 24″ mit 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM und 500GB HD. Soll aber wohl gute 10 Tage dauern, bis er ankommt…

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