Nikon D3 full-frame DSLR announced

nikon d3

OK, it was foreseeable in some way that Nikon will release a new camera generation as an answer to the new Canon 1Ds III. They must have been busy the last months. Though I am not a great fanboy of Nikon, the Nikon D3, unveiled today, is a great piece of digital SLR camera-work! It features a full-frame CMOS-sensor with 12.1 Megapixels resolution, a new 51-point AF-module, it shoots 9 pictures per second @ full resolution (and with AF, of course) and sports a 3″ LCD on the back! Said to be shipping in November for about 5.000 US$.
Well, I don´t want to be too sarcastic, but didn´t Nikon once said, we won´t need full-frame DSLRs and we should better buy their newly developed DX-lenses instead? Didn´t they once said, only CCD-sensors are able to produce high-quality photos with low noise? Do they think 12MP is enough to compete with the 21MP-monster from Canon? Your choice…
I´ve worked with the Nikon D2x for years and have to admit that this is a real gem (it´s like night & day compared to the Nikon D1 I used before). And so will be the new D3, I´m sure! Further infos here:

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