„…a kiss is just a kiss“

eisenstaedt kuß
© Alfred Eisenstaedt

“…on that you can rely, as time goes by“. And indeed, 62 years have gone since VJ-Day, the day Alfred Eisenstaedt took the famous picture of a sailor kissing a girl on Times Square, New York. It´s said to be Time Magazine´s most often reproduced and printed photo. This photo is so popular that there is even an annual re-enactment of the kiss taking place since 2005, this year with 75 couples dressed as the sailor and the nurse. Interestingly, the guy on the original photo from 1945 was found just lately, as you can read here (or in german: hier, hier und hier). More kisses inside!

Well, I promised! This is another well-known kiss, Robert Doisneau´s „Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville“ from 1950 for Life Magazine. The lady kissing on that photo also made it to the news when she sold her original print at an auction that brought her 155.000€ two years ago. A video about the photographer Doisneau on FotoTV led to this post… Oh, by the way, I found these on YouTube:

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