The Canon Professional Network

I´ve joined the Canon Professional Network lately after having updated to my new digital equipment. To really become a member and benefit from the Canon Professional Service, you have to prove you´re a professional. Their CPN-Website on the other hand is browsable by everyone and you might catch some highly interesting stories around photography and the brand itself. As an example, they feature stories from „behind the lens“ where professional photographers talk about their work. It was funny to find swiss collegue Andy Mettler taking part in the EOS 1Ds III Road Test. He lives in Davos and I met him a couple of times while shooting for „HCD“ (Hockey Club Davos) and the local newspapers. He´s always been very eager to use the latest equipment for his agency,, like the WLAN-transmitter or, in this case, the new 21MP pro-body. He states the problem with this camera is, that you´ll never want to go back using your old one 😉

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