The Pixelmation desaster

It is announced to be the „image editing tool for the rest of us“, now finally I found Pixelmator´s release note in my inbox. I was full of expectations while posting that back in June, but the 1.0-release now turned out to be a total desaster. Though the software was delayed 2 months, the programmers didn´t manage to include RAW-capabilities. OK, that´s just one flaw. Then the color-mode-conversion part totally freaks out – I tried to convert a RGB to CMYK and it came out inverted instead!?! Well, strange… No eye-dropper-tool while fixing the levels, very limited file-info (e.g. no IPTC-support except for keywords), no history-palette (though everything else is neatly copied off Adobe´s Photoshop)…
But: The biggest drawback is the slow speed. It´s unbelievable that with my new 2.4GHz Core2Duo iMac I get a 5-second spinning beachball with everything I do within this application! No, thanks – this is not for me, and just very maybe for the rest of you.

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