Some of the latest jobs

As I haven´t been eagerly updating this blog, this Post will be a short abbreviation of my latest jobs.
The picture to the left was shot near Wiesbaden, were I had a Portrait-job for Merck Serono.
I also shot portraits for Andrea Eickhoff in her practice for naturopathy in Düsseldorf lately.
As a change I accepted a job to set up, design and get started an Internet-shop for Aladdin’s Cave.
As cuban cigars is my passion, I also covered a cigar-event held in Braunschweig.
Another illustrational job was to design a logo for a discussion forum over at Xing.
The mob of Wirtschaftsjunioren Hannover got some group pictures from me.
More logo development was for the business-group of Hannover Talk, which I joined last year.
More business portraits for some architects: Storch, Ehlers, Partner.
Some more private photos were shot over christmas with Moe and Ana.

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