Erdmenger Photographer Blog gaining interest

Jeanloup SieffA lot of traffic has been on this site the last couple days – the stats show about four times more than average hit count. That´s really a phantastic trend and I´d like to thank you all for visiting my page! Please be so kind to also spend a minute or so on my homepage where I have more business-related news, information and all the galleries with my portrait and fashion photography.

The interest for my Blog not only comes from my worldwide popularity but more from that of Spencer Tunick, Helmut Newton or Andi Warhol. According to the statistics the posts viewed most often are „Scheinheilige und andere Sünder„, „Helmut by June“ and Doisneau´s „french kisses„. Well, be sure not to miss the day I will be signing my coffee-table book just like Jeanloup Sieff did on the picture I took when I met him in Cologne in 1999 (about a year before he passed away).

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